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Agriculture UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ) Crop Dusters

UAV Agriculture Crop Duster Sprayers Hercules

AG-UAV Sprayers

HSE offers 11 models of agriculture UAV crop dusters sprayers, 6 helicopters and 5 multi-rotor UAV crop dusters.

Crop Spraying with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sprayer does not need a runway, they can take off and land vertically. Flying at low altitude of several meters, the crop-spraying can be controlled in any the sight of distance range. They are suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, crops and plantations of varying heights. Precise and accurate crop spraying ensures the best coverage and application of your fertilizers or pesticides on your lands.

Until recently you needed a specialized agricultural aircraft to perform this operation but now, you can cut rates, costs and with your own UAV Sprayer.

The Aerial Application Agricultural Spray combines new pumps and spray heads designed to be more reliable. The technology and the results obtained by it leave no question that low and ultra-low volume spraying is a viable alternative in today’s environmentally aware world. Better results are achieved with fewer chemicals.

Some of the benefits of crop spraying with a UAV Sprayers include a significant reduction in application cost by utilizing an UAV aircraft and a notable improvement in coverage and control through consistent application of the best suited droplet size for better penetration of crop canopy, decreased drift potential and evaporation, and greater adherence of chemical to the leaves.. The spray system was designed to promote economically and ecologically sound spray methods that are the future of agricultural aviation.

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are highly efficient, low cost, environment friendly agriculture UAV crop duster sprayers that save pesticide, water and labor.

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