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Thrush Commander / S2R

Thrush Commander-S2R

The Ayres Thrush, formerly the Rockwell Thrush Commander, is an American low-wing agricultural aircraft produced by Ayres Corporation and more recently by Thrush Aircraft. It is one of the most successful and long-lived agricultural application aircraft types in the world, with almost 2,000 sold since the first example flew 60 years ago. Typical of agricultural aircraft, it is a single-seat monoplane of conventional taildragger configuration. Originally powered by a radial piston engine

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The S-2R and its several variants have been purchased by agricultural spraying operators in many countries. Large numbers are operated in the United States and Australia. Other countries using the type include Costa Rica, France, Guyana, Iran, Jamaica, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Thrush Commander proved popular with crop-dusting and spraying operators, and also for aerial seeding, fertilizing and even water-bombing. Its robust structure was carefully designed to absorb energy on impact and thus protect the pilot from serious injury in a crash, and the ease of access to its corrosion-proofed tubular fuselage structure via quick-release side panels greatly facilitated cleaning chemical deposits from the airframe
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